How well prepared are you to meet the needs of today's customer?

There's no getting away from the fact that, in this digital age, your customers worldwide expect to learn about you, talk about you, and communicate with you instantaneously. Your business' Reputational Resource is the sum of these digital conversations. Its strength is dependent on a combination of your employees' English language and digital communication skills. When you invest in these skills, your Reputational Resource is bolstered, you have more control over your global brand and you improve your international competitiveness.

To find out where your organization ranks in comparison to your peers, take our Reputational Resource survey below.

After you complete the survey, you will be sent a personalized report that includes your position on the scattergraph below and, based on your answers, provides you with a series of recommendations and an action plan to strengthen the Reputational Resource in your organization.

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How this tool works

When you answer the questions your scores will be aggregated and plotted on the scattergraph above. This will indicate how prepared your organization is to meet the communication needs of today's global customers and build a strong international brand. The drop-down menu also allows you to see your relative position within your industry sector, or to compare industry sectors.